ALL IN: The total price to move cargo from origin to destination, including all taxes.

Bill of Lading (BL): A document that establishes the terms of a contract between a shipper and a carrier. The document has the following functions: 1. A goods receipt signed by a person duly authorized on behalf of the carriers. 2. A document of title to the goods described therein. 3. The evidence of the terms and conditions agreed transport between the two parties.

BULK CONTAINER - Container volume: shipping container designed to free transportation of dry cargoes, which are loaded through hatches in the roof of the container and discharged through hatches at one end of the container.

GENERAL CARGO: Any merchandise that is not considered nor perishable or dangerous and is ready to be presented to the customs office and pay the corresponding customs duties.

OVERSIZED CARGO (Break Bulk): Break Bulk refers to loads whose dimensions cannot be containerized, so conventional and multi for transporting loads such vessels are used.

LOOSE CONTAINER LOAD (LCL): is the handling loose cargo shipping when the load is not enough to fill a container. The load container is loaded into a grouping (sharing the container with loads of other companies) and shipped to a terminal designated CFS (railway freight container). The carrier is responsible for the adequacy and condition of the container and filling.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: A certificate showing the country of original production of goods. It is used by Customs in determining tariff rates under preferential rates for programmers, or in connection with the regulation of imports from specific sources.

COMMERCIAL INVOICE: Commercial invoice showing the commercial value of the transaction between buyer and seller.

FULL CONTAINER (FCL): when loading is complete container with goods of the same company, under the responsibility and by the recipient or sender.

IATA - International Air Transport Association: founded in 1945 with the aim of promoting commercial air traffic. This should be achieved in cooperation between stakeholders and under perform certain rules, procedures and tariffs for freight and passengers, by the parties.

INCOTERMS: Terms of trade in coded form as established by the International Chamber of Commerce in 1953. This set of international rules determine the scope of business closures included in the international sales contract, facilitating international trade operations and defining the obligations , which makes the risk decreases. Incoterms are regulating four main aspects: Terms of delivery of goods, distribution of risks of the operation, distribution costs of the operation, Distribution documentary procedures.

ITINERARY: The path of a conveyance, indicated by the names of the ports of call or elsewhere, often including the estimated arrival and departure date.

MANIFESTO: A document that lists the specifications of goods loaded on a means of transport or equipment for transport. As a rule cargo manifest is prepared by the agents in the place of shipment.

DANGEROUS GOODS: Is that classified merchandise have any explosive or contaminant reaction to have some change in temperature or contact with other products, which must notify the carrier of content to have the necessary precautions.

MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT OPERATOR (Multimodal Transport Operator): Anyone his own title holds the multimodal transport contract and acts as principal and not as agent or consignee name and transporters involved in transport operations multimodal, and assumes responsibility for the development of the contract.

PALLET: A platform where goods can be stacked for easy movement of a lift, fork or sling.

WHAT IS A GENERAL CHARGE?: It is all merchandise that is not considered nor perishable or dangerous and is ready to be presented to the relevant customs and pay the relevant custom duties.

SHIPPING INSTRUCTION: Documents containing the details of the load and the requirements of the exporting their physical movement.

INTERMODAL TRANSPORT - INTERMODAL TRANSPORT: Transport of goods by at least two different modes of transport covered by a multimodal transport contract from its origin to the place of delivery thereof, and carried out by the transport operator multimodal.



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