Multimodal transport is the efficient combination between two or more different transports modes (road, air and maritime), under a single contract for consolidated loose cargo (LCL) or full container (FCL), from the point of origin to final destination.

With EURO SHIPPING SERVICES S.A. you have reduced paperwork and documentation, minimizing costs and handling time swift and timely delivery. 

Another advantage is that with OTM the cargos can be transported with suspended customs duties and arrive at a free zone, a public or private bonded warehouse

  • What is General Cargo? : It's all good that is not considered perishable or dangerous and is ready to be presented to the customs office and pay the relevant custom duties.
  • What is dangerous cargo? : Is the cargo classified that have any explosive or contaminant reaction to have some change in temperature or contact with other products, which must be notified to the carrier about the content to have the necessary precautions.


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